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Your home is more than four walls and an address. It’s where you experience life. It’s a feeling of connection and growth. The real estate company you choose to represent your home should provide the complete LUXE experience from beginning to end.  Our LUXE marketing packages for distinctive homes are crafted to offer your property an edge in the market by generating interest and captivating the right audience, both online and offline, regardless of the value of your home. Our marketing philosophy is based on the motto "LUXE Service at Every Price Point" which underpins our commitment to represent all properties with a tailored and custom approach. Our mission is to advocate for buyers and sellers who expect nothing but the best. Below please find some of our LUXE offerings for your home.



LUXE Newsletters

Over 120,000 individuals and leading brokers worldwide subscribe to receive our most luxurious listings every month.



Curated Market Reports

Our curated market reports reach a A-list audience of over 80,000 consumers and qualified buyers.



Luxury Network

As an independently owned brokerage, listings easily and effectively reach our growing network of over 29,000 top agents across the country.



Luxury Website

Our specialized luxury property website,, drives over 200,000 visits from luxury consumers and brokers annually.



Social Media Presence

With over 75,000 followers across multiple social media channels, we have the ability to leverage local and international consumers, which brings attention to our client's properties.



An Exclusive Print Campaign

Our goal is to have our client's properties stand out amongst the crowd with custom luxury brochures, direct mailing pieces, printed ads in magazines, and more.

At LUXE We Sell a Home Every 5 Hours

Our LUXE Plan for YOUR Success

Our specialized agents and marketing team work together to ensure your home is properly positioned in the marketplace for maximum exposure, both digitally and in print.


Each property listing is marketed using the personalized materials below:

  • Personalized website of home listing
  • Professional HD Videos
  • Professional HD Photography
  • Professional Drone Videography
  • Custom reporting on specific buyer profiles for each listing
  • Direct Mail Marketing to targeted demographics
  • Email Campaigns to targeted demographics
  • PPC Google campaign to targeted demographics
  • Targeted advertising in China, South America and Europe
  • Targeted Social Media Advertising
  • Syndication to over 100 online portals
  • Premium placement on all major real estate portals including Zillow, Trulia &
  • International MLS Marketing
  • Print advertisements in local newspapers and magazines
  • Broker’s Open
  • Bi-weekly Open Houses
  • Signage including web domain riders

Our marketing will maximize interest through our personalized campaigns created exclusively for your home, which will assist in achieving the greatest results.

  • Signage is placed
  • Photography & video session
  • Home is listed on MLS + International MLS
  • Personalized website created for home
  • Make sure listing is syndicated to all sites
  • Email blast campaign
  • Virtual tour posted on Youtube and shared
  • Blog post with Facebook sponsored ad
  • Additional Social Media Posts
  • Open House
  • Open houses
  • Targeted email campaign to area’s owners
  • Brokers’ open for select agents who specialize in the area
  • Begin preparing direct mail piece
  • Direct mail is sent
  • Personal outreach to other agents
  • Open houses
  • Continually monitor social media posts, blog posts and websites for potential buyers
  • Open Houses
  • Monitor PPC for listing
  • Review analytics for Facebook Sponsored Ad
  • Revise website and social media postings.
  • Review with client to make adjustments if needed

Our clients benefit from property exposure through shared listing syndication on a carefully chosen list of top real estate websites worldwide. These specific portals were chosen by conducting research to identify lifestyle, specific demographics, activity, and points of interest websites where potential buyers frequently gather real estate information when looking for a home.


All our syndication portals display your home with:

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Daily Updates
  • Property Videos/Virtual Tours
  • Local Information


In addition to listing syndication, custom reporting will be provided for every channel to show how much exposure each listing is receiving from each online portal. Targeted display ads and premium placement will be featured when possible on each of these online channels to ensure maximum exposure for our home listings.


Custom reporting includes:

  • Listing Views
  • Search List Views
  • Property Details Views
  • Mobile/Desktop Views

Pushing for unparalleled exposure for every LUXE client, each home listed with our company receives a personalized website. Complete with its own unique domain of your street address, this site will also be syndicated to more than 30 major property search portals such as Zillow, Trulia and This link will give us an easy way to showcase the home quickly and its exclusive domain will provide a personalized site that does not feature any other competitive homes!

These striking sites include all of the most important marketing features of your home and the latest online capabilities including:

  • Property Details
  • Schools in Area
  • Video & Photo Showcase
  • Map


  • Custom Domain
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Mobile Optimization

This powerful online marketing tool impresses buyers and when advertised in print or online, gets interested buyers to the information they seek instantly.

Once a home is listed with LUXE Properties, our in-house marketing specialists get to work on designing a personalized marketing piece announcing the sale of your property. Targeted direct mail has a 495% increased response rate compared to traditional print direct mail. Through a comprehensive analysis of neighborhood homes sales and specific demographics, our marketers are able to identify the profile of a property’s most probable purchaser. In addition to targeted direct mail, we also focus on your surrounding neighborhood to reach the biggest endorsers for the area, your neighbors. Your neighbors may have friends and families who desire to live nearby.


Each LUXE listing receives a personalized luxury brochure placed in the home for any broker’s open, showings or open houses. These luxury brochures include high-quality images of the home and a list of features and amenities. These brochures ensure your home is memorable and at the forefront as buyers enter and leave. They aid buyers and their agents overcome most objections and questions before even leaving the home.


LUXE Properties offers customized floor plan services to effectively engage buyer’s interest in your property. When just viewing real estate photos online, it can be difficult for buyers to see how the home’s layout flows. Floor plans help display where rooms are located in context to one another and provide an idea of important details, such as the way the space is oriented.


The LUXE Properties team will host a broker’s open house for select agents who specialize in the area. This will bring cooperating agents and firms together, condensing some of the showing activity into a set timeframe and allows us to receive immediate authentic feedback on the home, its price and its competitive qualities when compared to the other homes on the market.

  • Invite prequalified brokers and agents specializing in neighborhood
  • Coordinate with other firms to schedule in sequence for maximum exposure in neighborhood
  • Coordinate with title firms and lenders to expand potential reach



Public open houses will also be hosted on various weekends in order to ensure we are attracting buyers via every possible avenue. In a study by the National Association of Realtors, 45% of buyers attended open houses as a source of information. The more exposure, the better and this will continually increase the velocity of the sale of your property.

  • Personalized email marketing campaigns to contact database
  • Posting dates and times on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and other syndication portals
  • Creative out-of-the-box methods to attract potential buyers such as food trucks, open house flags and balloons

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