LUXE TOP 5: Sweet Temptations

LUXE TOP 5: Sweet Temptations

During Wellness Month, it’s important to recognize that nourishing our bodies doesn’t have to mean depriving ourselves of occasional treats. Yes, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth while staying true to your goals. So, let’s celebrate Wellness Month by nourishing ourselves inside and out, one delicious bite at a time.🥐🍪

The first French vegan bakery in the United States serves pastries and desserts made with fair trade ingredients and vegan sugar. Some of the delicious items that can be found on their menu are – flakey croissants, strawberry tartlets, bonbons, raspberry mousse, pain au chocolat, and brownies to name a few. Their food is fresh,100% plant-based, and cruelty-free.

A true Italian bakery, this spot is filled with decadent pastries and breads. Think of a variety of croissants, Nutella-filled bombolone, banana bread, apple cake, crostatas, and more. Perfectly paired with freshly brewed espresso or a macchiato, the location is cozy and inviting and smells like a slice of heaven.

Flour & Weirdoughs is full of baked goods with fun names like the basic AF croissant, ABC Danish (almond, banana, chocolate), and the popular ‘it’s brisket b*tch’ — a large croissant filled with Montreal style brisket, grain mustard, and gruyere. Oh, and don’t sleep on the cinnamon rolls. Thank us later!

What started as a cookie delivery service to FIU students, now has locations across South Florida for Foodies looking to get their sugar fix at all hours of the day. Make sure to check the restaurant’s Instagram for updates, they’re always dropping new fire!

Antonio Bachour’s flagship bakery located in Coral Gables serves an assortment of award-winning treats. There’s no shortage of filled croissants, breads, and petits gateaux. One of the most popular treats is the dulce de leche croissant filled with gooey sweetness.

Ready to savor the best of Miami’s sweet temptations? Which of these local gems will you be checking out? Let us know in the comments or hit us with your faves!✨

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