Yunayka “Yuny” Martin
Yunayka “Yuny” Martin 954-604-8540

Being able to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and understand their needs and expectations is one of the best ways there is to make sure you’re providing the right recommendations and service,” says Yuny Salazar.

She has been an investor in real estate for 10 years, she also offers a strong background in accounting, sales, strategic management, marketing, and other business decision-making tasks. Being a real estate professional allows her to be involved in the constant evolution Miami is undergoing and to help guide others as they invest in this city on a personal or professional level.

Yuny’s current real estate is on specializes in residential properties in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, Brickell and Downtown. Yuny comes from has a Cuban heritage studied several years in Italy which makes her fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.