1 Bedroom / 1.5 Bathrooms
1,278 Square Feet

Just sold this gem in Fort Lauderdale! The new buyers were looking for smart home and they found the perfect one! As this property’s homeowner, they can decide to live in it or earn that want a passive income of 2.5k per month for this home would be perfect being in its freshly remodeled condition to practically pay for itself’. This home consists of dual entrances on each side leaving the main house with three bedrooms and two baths. The kitchen, floors, garden, lights and paint has been revamped and completed! This property sits in the heart of Westwood Lakes with NO HOA. Seller was motivated, giving the home to the new buyers at an excellent rate.

This Sunset area is a highly desirable one for anyone who wants to live in a fun, lively spot! This is not your tranquil spot- if you love the outgoing vibe then this area is for you! Nearby for entertainment, you have the beach, of course. Theres plenty of shopping, dining, and other things to do year-round. Easily travel throughout the city. Living here will surely provide a high quality of life for anyone!

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Closed by
Jessica Smith