A new year is a good excuse to revamp your home. Have fun and get creative with the new home decor trends this year. Try them out, see which ones you like or don’t like. These 2022 trends might inspire you to transform your space.

1. Curved furniture
We are starting to shift away from straight-lined minimalism and more towards warmer/cozier interior. Curved furniture is in to provide an environment of comfort and a sense of calmness.

2. Soft earth tones
“Color of the year” should be full go earth tones like a soft-grey green or a light olive green. Ginger Curtis, owner and principle designer at Urbanology Designs say “People need healing spaces that are restorative and calming.” So these earth tones are designed to do just that.

3. Cozy comforts
People want a cozy feel for their home. They are upgrading to comfort styles from the living room, to the bedroom. Expect to see cozy textiles, subtle colors and soft-edged pieces.

4. A lot of layers
Maximalism might be the move for 2022. Layers and textures are everywhere right now in fashion. People are bringing fashion to their homes. Walls are now being covered in print wallpaper with different patterns.

5. Sustainable choices
People are starting to repurpose old furniture, shop locally, or buying responsibly sourced items. People are also stocking up on pieces made from recycled materials.

6. Decked out entertaining spaces
Homeowners are reinvesting in their entertaining spaces. People are now starting to focus on entertaining friends and families. They are dressing up their dining rooms, outdoor spaces and making their living rooms more luxurious

7. Warm wood tones
Warm, medium-tone woods are very popular in flooring, but we are expected to see more lightly stained wood oak for furniture and decor this year.

8. Pockets of privacy
People are starting to now use pock doors to carve out private spots in their homes. This has become more popular because people are wanting the need for more privacy.

9. Traditional touches
Tradition design is coming back into high demands. People are gravitating toward pieces that have richness and history — like ornate mirrors, velvet chairs and fringe-lined couches. Also, mixing and matching current furniture pieces with family heirlooms help keep the room feeling timeless.

10. Sunlit spaces
Natural light never goes out of style. We are seeing rooms moving from dark unlit spaces, to bright sun-filled rooms that bring in warmth and coziness. Natural light is the best way to bright up a room and its cost-efficient!

11. Plush, cozy texturs
Texture plays a big role in how a cozy space can feel. We are going to see a lot of plush textures in the new year. That means anything fuzzy, furry, or cozy.

12. Artisan accents
We are going to see a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces made by local or regional artists. Keep an eye out for handwoven rugs, hand-crafted furniture and other handmade beauties that you can incorporate into your space at home!

13. Updated outdoor spaces
Outdoor space is a great way to entertain, especially with pools, fireplaces, kitchens and more. We’ll be seeing a lot of new upgrades and additions added to the outdoor scene of a home.

14. Swivel furniture
Swivel chairs are so in right now! The swivel mechanism is great for furniture and to add a sense of style into a room. Not to mention, they’re fun to sit on! You won’t even realize the versatility and function until you sit on one yourself.

15. Playful wallpaper
We are going to start seeing people switch out their boring painted walls for a more fun look with printed wallpaper. It gives it a more fresh and lively look. Keep an eye out for more crazy designs!

16. Surprising materials
People are expected to use leather accents and innovative materials like resin to make their homes more dynamic and out of the box looking. This is a fun way to combine materials you wouldn’t normally use on a regular basis.

17. Pops of brown
It’s all about brown! Brown is going to be one of 2022’s favorite colors. It has a strong connection with natural elements and also it’s a neutral so it literally goes with anything. It’s a warm color so people are more likely to gravitate towards it.

18. Art Deco details
Fluted and ribbed details on all kinds of furniture is part of the 2022 trend! Expect to see more midcentury modern designs. Art Deco is coming into interiors in a big way. Watch out!

19. Pattern play
People are starting to layer patterns over patterns to create more of fun look. They are getting rid of boring white spaces and becoming more creative that showcase their strong personalities.

20. Natural touches
Plants have always been a powerful accessory to the home but now more than ever in 2022, expect to see more nods to nature— with earth colors, natural materials and indoor- outdoor spaces reigning supreme.

21. Fringe
Expect to see pillows topped with tassels, lamps lined with fringe and couches trimmed with bullion. Fringe has become the new accessory because you can have it on basically any furniture and it brings a little personality to the room.

22. Forgiving finishes
Staining is now welcomed in the kitchen. We are always ware of the discomfort in our homes but now there is a way to make them more convenient. You can create your design however you want because each is special to it’s own home.

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