One of the most famous cities in the world calls South Florida home. Miami Beach is well known for the wide stretches of beach from North Shore Open Space Park reaching South Point Park. An island-city connected by bridges to mainland Miami,

South Beach, on the southern end of the island, is recognized for its international cachet with models and celebrities, and its early-20th-century architecture in the Art Deco Historic district with pastel-colored buildings, most notably on Ocean Drive. Recently The Savoy Hotel located on 4th and Ocean Drive revamped their Oceanfront property with a multimillion-dollar renovation to include 31 magnificent suites. The suites are all oceanfront with balconies overlooking the private beach and resort swimming pool and lounging pool deck, which are decorated with the iconic tropical palm trees and the Atlantic Ocean waves splashing against the white sandy beaches. This hotel is providing the most exclusive and luxurious experience to what Miami Beach has to offer.

The Savoy Hotel was renovated by the interior design firm Modplay Studio. It is completely in sync with 2020s interior design trends. The new lobby offers a historical Palm Beach feel with rattan settees, palm frond seating, velvet furnishings, vintage lamps, banana-leaf-print wallpaper and an array of eclectic art. This magnificent hotel originally opened in 1935. The refreshed look takes you back in time to some of the old-timed details and beauties while living in the 20th century.

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