Coconut Grove, the oldest permanent settlement in Miami-Dade, is also known as one of South Florida’s most attractive and diverse communities. With access to the beautiful Biscayne Bay and its lush, subtropical vibe, Coconut Grove attracted many mariners and lovers of its freshwater springs. The establishment of the Cape Florida Lighthouse in Key Biscayne during the early 1800s caused a rapid increase in visitors including Americans from the North, British settlers, and Bahamian immigrants. Many sailors, artisans, and unemployed workers and immigrants populated the neighborhood.

Coconut Grove began as a more forested area, however, that began to change as the first hotel in South Florida opened in the Grove in 1882 by immigrants Isabella and Charles Peacock in what we now know as Peacock Park. Towards the beginning of the 20th century what was know as the “millionaire’s row” was built. This was the influx of mansions and fabulous homes built on the bayfront of Coconut Grove by the most wealthy and well-accomplished settlers. This included homes built for William Matheson, David Fairchild, James Deering, and many more known faces.

This splendid community of South Florida flourished during the later years of the 20th century as its origins mixed with the sound of contemporary musicians, local artists, and its unique charm. Filled with Bahamian and European styles, Coconut Grove became lined with shops, galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and natural landscape. Today, this family-friendly community is known for being the perfect spot on weekends to relax, shop, dine, and spend quality time with people we love. With its banyan trees and natural beauty, the Grove continues to be a paradise for local residents and all who come to visit.