In such a competitive market, the best tool listing agents can have is the ability to host an open house. Not only will an open house bring in new offers and potential clients, but it is an opportunity for the listing agent to put the property on the map for anyone interested in purchasing a new home.

An open house can set your home apart from the rest of those that are listed, whether it be in the area or from other potential sellers. Staging it the most important aspect to hosting a presentable open house that has the potential to bring in serious offers. While you are not required or expected to use a staging company to create the perfect set up for your property, your presentation should reflect your commitment to selling and your sales price. Your set up should be professional, all furniture should be stain-free, dishes should be put away, and there should be no trash or misplaced items lying around. A pro-tip to make your open house stand out includes having little snacks and drinks for your potential buyers, and some agents even bake sweets, like cookies, in the property for the smell of freshly baked goods to waft through the house.

Another benefit to hosting the best open house on the block includes a faster sale. With more eyes directed towards your property, your chances of receiving serious offers during the open house or on the same day increase tenfold. This saves you time from having to do more showings around the clock and saves you money from having to spend on additional marketing costs for the property. Not only will you meet people interested in your listing but you will also be introduced to prospective buyers and sellers. Anyone who comes into your open house without a realtor is a potential client. Another pro-tip for a successful open house: pass by the neighbors’ homes and drop your business card, as well as a comparative market analysis of other properties in the neighborhood to introduce them to the idea of selling their home in the future. Getting to know the neighborhood will also allow you to sell potential buyers on the area and the home, so always have information on the best restaurants, schools, and amenities in the area.