You should spruce up your home once in a while. You need to upkeep your home to keep it looking nice and fresh. Below are some tips you should do to start the year on the right foot.

1. Check smoke and CO alarms
It is important to change the batteries on your smoke and CO alarms. Smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years and CO alarms must be replaced every 5 years. Also make sure to have both alarms in every room in your house.

2. Be ready for emergencies
You never know when you’ll need an emergency kit. Make sure you are prepared for any foreseeable event. These kits can include: enough clean water for your family, extra supplies of any medications, blankets, clothing, canned food/can opener, a flashlight, spare batteries and money.

3. Protect your home from weather problems
Make sure your home is ready for anything nature related harm. You should clean your gutters thoroughly and check brackets and screws are securely in place.

Secure any doors and windows to prevent water leakage and insulate to keep the cold air out. Install surge protectors to keep your devices safe during thunderstorms.

4. Reduce your household budget

  • Turn off lights whenever you leave a room.
  • Turn off or turn down the heating/AC when you leave the house and do the same at night if it not needed
  • Put thick curtains to help with insulation during hot summer days and cold winter nights
  • Install CFL or LED lamps
  • Turn off power strips when devices are not in use

5. Tidy your closet

Doing a deep clean of your closet can help you refocus on your life. Getting rid of unused clothing/items can give you a sense of relief. All clothes that are in good condition that you no longer wear, donate it!

6. Clean your kitchen
Just like your closet, you kitchen sure can get cluttered with used items from years and years ago. Take the time to clean shelves and remove built up grease. Also, anything broken or chipped, you can throw out. There is no use for that, you can always buy new ones!

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