Yesenia Nieblas
Yesenia Nieblas 786-493-6128

A Miami native with an unquenchable thirst for worldly travel and culture. She has lived and conducted business in various parts of the world—Central America, Indonesia, and Israel to name a few. Yesenia has diligently worked towards accomplishing all of her visions as a self-made entrepreneur—some refer to her as a “Jane of all traits.” She has gathered invaluable sales and client relationship experience from her entrepreneurial journey as a former restaurant owner, co-founder of a not-for-profit organization, artist representative and gallerist, event producer, and most recently her private wellness concierge business. She finds balance in her day-to-day hustle with making time for her physical, mental, and spiritual wellness—yoga, meditation, running, hiking, diving, and most importantly giving back to her community by volunteering at Jackson Memorial Hospital alongside her working Service Dog, Aloha.

Those who have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with Yesenia, better known as “Yess,” will agree that she is reliant, flexible, personable and very detail orientated with her clients. Being available for her clients takes priority over everything else. As a Real Estate Specialist, she merges all of her greatest attributes together with her undying perseverance to always do better and be better for her clients and help them attain their hardworking dreams.

Fluent in English and Spanish with a sprinkle of Portuguese and Hebrew.