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While many people come to the real estate professional out of the desire to help others, it takes a special agent to be able to combine the desire with a strong head for business. This is precisely what makes Paola Chapman such a valued real estate advisor to those she serves. “I’ve always been passionate about real estate”, she explains. “Every day is diverse and challenging, I am constantly learning, but I am also constantly teaching clients what’s possible and showing them the path to their dream homes.” Throughout her 10+ year in the industry, Paola has approached Miami real estate as a true business person. “South Florida is a competitive market,” she says. “The ability to deliver on even the smallest detail can make all the difference when it comes to making the sale or getting the purchase. I pride myself on the ability to address all aspects of the real estate experience with a complete level of expertise.”

In doing so, Paola draws upon both a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration; certification as a Paralegal; and of course as a licensed Real Estate Associate. As well, Paola leverages her in-depth personal knowledge of the Miami area – her home for more than 14 years. Of particular interest to her are condo properties in the neighborhoods of Edgewater, Midtown and Morningside.

When she is not working, Paola likes to spend time with her family and friends and loves to cook and work out, she really enjoys the simple things of life. She likes to give back to the community by serving people with less economic resources.

Paola is a native Colombian and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She also knows some basic Portuguese.