Freddie Baigen
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Buying or selling real estate is an investment strategy that can be both satisfying and lucrative. However, the process brings with a lot of complexity in it that adds unnecessary risk, uncertainty, and stress.That’s where Freddie comes in. A philanthropist, property investor and a real estate agent located in Miami, he has successfully guided several clients in balancing their desire to invest wisely with the current market trends.With vast expertise and local market knowledge of the area, Freddie not only offers transactional help, but also tops it up with an aggressive approach to helping his clients locate good investment deals. He then employs vigorous negotiating skills to help them get them at the right price.His approach to real estate has been heavily influenced by his experience as a real estate investor. Freddie began studying the real estate cycles, giving him an unparalleled understanding in the home buying and selling process.With a keen eye to detail, he knows the importance of delivering solid client service, satisfaction and communication. It is with these principles that he has built his real estate portfolio.“I have a relentless work ethic. I do not stop until I accomplish what I set my mind to, and in my profession, it’s always to my client’s benefit,” he adds.PERSONAL BIOGRAPHYHis personal story tells of an innovative and determined business man who would stop at nothing but success. Freddie started out in the oil and gas industry, working with the likes of National Oil Well Varo, General Electric and Pemex Mexico. “I started from scratch, buildingmy company from credit to making 3,000 dollars my first year, then into six digits until I hit the seven-digit figure ,” he states.That was a monumental period in Freddie’s life; one where he learnt to believe in himself and in the power of his dreams. “I beat insurmountable odds at a young age. I was inexperienced, underfunded yet competing against big, successful and well-established companies. But Imade it,” he says with a chuckle.Freddie would later sell the company to his business partner. “I did not feel accomplished. While I made it financially, I felt as though there was more I could do in impacting lives.” That marked his turning point. Using his savings, he began buying houses, remodeling them and later selling them in the retail market in Texas or to fellow investors. He would handle the contracts and negotiation process while his team would handle all the rest.Those close to Freddie describe him as a downright loyal person. So loyal that when dealing with his clients as an investor, he would go out of his way to educate the buyer on what to look out for in making a purchase. Aside from real estate investment, he doubles up as a Realtor catering to the Miami market.Freddie is a Certified International Property Specialist, making him ideal to work with foreign buyers. He is knowledgeable in global purchases especially with currency issues, financing, visa and tax laws. He has also undertaken At Home with Diversity Certification which gives him an edge in dealing with the cultural differences posed by foreigners. With his AffordableHousing Solutions training that specifically targets buyers and renters, Freddie is able to categorize his clients into different levels of experience and requirements and what each category requires.His past professional experiences have shaped the professional he is today. “When I started out, I was not a people person but I had to learn how to be a good communicator and negotiate professionally and tactfully while maintaining a clam demeanor,” he adds. Today, he has vast experience in dealing with all kinds of clients, handling the different personalities and expectations. He has learnt to adapt to change and is constantly monitoring market trends and assessing their impact on property prices.Away from real estate, Freddie loves reading and Martial Arts. As a big believer in giving back to the community, he loves to feed the homeless during the weekends and contribute towards causes that uplift the underprivileged.