Sellers want to get as many people viewing their property as possible. The more people you can get to your listings, the better! For a lot of real estate websites, the majority of landing pages are just listing pages that have been recorded by search engines. These then provide many entry points to the site. But there are several ways to increase the traffic to your listings. Check out these 10 tips to improve your search engine traction to your listings.

1. Share your listings on social media
Make sure you don’t overuse medias like Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Simple posting listings with no context can have the opposite effect.. while the likes and followers you have built up – can quickly disappear. You have to be strategic in your social media use. People get bored with social media quick, so if you’re posting the same things over and over then your audience will lose interest.

2. Promote on real estate aggregator sites
Sites like Trulia, Zillow and get plenty of visitors per day so the potential visibility for your listing is significant. A great tool to measure the quality of traffic from these sits is Google Analytics. These traffic sources can refer visitors that are always on your site, and convert them into leads. But you are not the only broker or agent on these sites, so loyalty is not guaranteed.

3. Create a video tour of the property
The benefits of tour videos are that you can gain search engine traction. Optimize the video title and description by including the address, MLS number and add in some key words. Don’t forget to include a link to the property view page so it’s easier for clients to look it rather them searching it up themselves. If you’re selling a luxury property, it is worth spending to best market the property as possible. A great tip is to put yourself in the video of the tour! Not a lot of people do this, so it can set you apart from the other agents too. But when people see you in front of the camera giving the tour, their trust will be put in you because you know what you’re doing and are demonstrating that to them, which then leads to sellers looking to find a great listing agent.

4. Enhance the listing with additional information
Find a company that can further optimize your own listings beyond what is shared in the MLS. Other ways to enhance your listings are to include a video tour, customize the URL for a better traction in search engines and provide more keywords. By doing this, it will send more signals to help your rankings.

5. Blog about your listing
Blogging is great way to communicate with site visitors. Pick out listings that peak your interest each week to blog about in addition to posting other types of content on your blog. The SEO benefits of blog posts can also help contribute to the listing’s search ranking. Also, video tours and images can add value that push up your ranking, being able to push it up to number 1.

6. Feature your listings on your home page
You might need to put your content in front of existing traffic to get noticed. There is no better place to do this than your home page since it represents you and your listing. There are also websites that offer clients multiple featured listings options that direct traffic to your listings. Sometimes 1 single showing can be the featured listing, and for an individual agent with only a few listings, this does a good job of bringing notice on the property.

7. Be smart, have a mobile responsive site
It is extremely crucial to provide a great mobile experience to your website visitors. A map of your company’s location might also be helpful so that people can find directions to your office. Do research as to which which company/website has the most mobile benefits for you to link up with. You can either do this on your own or have help, up to you.

8. Create a single property website
This is more suited for luxury real estate listings. The basic idea from this is to create more content around 1 specific listing to improve its search engine visibility. Though it will not necessarily outperform a listing page on your website. A single property website might earn more inbound link due to its URL and can be marketed in print more professionally.

9. Use paid search advertising
You can use pay-per-click ad to drive traffic to this page. If your listings are similar in type and price, then it makes it easier to create ad copy that targets your particular audience. This is a great way to add traffic when you need it the most.

10. Use email marketing and drip campaigns
Email marketing is a great way to cater to your current leads. This will keep them in the loop of your listings. Using a site like this, they provide clients with tools that enable site visitors to register for property updates. There are plenty of companies that do the same thing so it’s just a matter of finding which one you want to work with. Nurturing your client list with regular opt-in email updates is a great way to drive high qualified traffic to your listings.

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