Looking to buy a new home for the new year? No better time than to start now. Get ahead on the housing market now while it’s hot. It’s very beneficial to start looking early in the year, compared to waiting around and giving everyone else the chance to buy before you. To get ready to buy a house, follow these 5 steps:

Make A List
The first step in the home-buying process is to make a list of everything you’re looking for in your new home. When you list your wants — consider your lifestyle was well as your personal wants. Listing and ranking your needs and wants in order of importance can be useful in narrowing down your goals and guarantee what’s most important to you.

Do Research
The next step in your home-buying process is to do your research. Research mortgage loans, schools around the area & new homes for sale in locations you prefer.

Set aside savings
It is important to save for moving costs, repairs/maintenance and other homeowner expenses. If you’re a first time buyer — you might be responsible for other expenses that are not covered by your landlord, if you have one. Some examples include landscape maintenance, tree trimming/snow removal.

Also, you should make a separate budget for home improvements that usually aren’t included with your new home; window covering, landscaping and fences.

Talk to a sales consultant
Talking to a sales consultant can answer all of your unanswered questions. They can answer questions about floor plans, pricing, square footage, lot locations and much more. Some can even help you get prequalified for financing.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your needs and wants, a consultant can definitely help you. They can also help you and your spouse if you both have seemingly irreconcilable desire and expectations.

Make a decision

You shouldn’t rush your home buying process at all. It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and isn’t cheap. The whole process can be tiring and overwhelming but also fun and exciting! Try not to have a time constraint on your decision. But once you find a home that meets your standards, you will feel 10x happier because you didn’t rush it.

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