As a real estate agent, it is essential that you generate leads and referrals . Winning client repetition, building your business and growing your network through connections are some of the most rewarding aspects of being an agent.

1. Exceed expectations
As an agent, your primary goal should be to provide excellent customer service and an invaluable client experience. Buying/selling a house is one of the biggest decision someone can make. Striving to be the best, knowing what your client needs and seeking out new and innovative way will add value to yourself as an agent.

2. Work your CRM
The new year is a perfect time to stay visible to your circle of influence and organize your CRM. Think of a plan to target deliberately throughout the year. You can do this with direct mailers, emails, phone calls, targeted advertisements, as well as social media targeting.

3. Ask for referrals
If you don’t ask for what you want — you won’t get it. If you go after what you what, you will get it. After a successful transaction with a client, make sure to ask for referrals. If you do receive one, make sure to send a thank you email to your client. This not only shows gratitude but also ambition. You will be memorable and your client will most likely be back to give you more referrals.

4. Leverage social media
Make sure to leverage your social media presence and potential by ensuring all/positive client experiences are sharable with others. This lets other people know that you are a pleasure to work with or that you are good at your business. Therefore people will trust other clients rather than them just trusting you based on your words. Word of mouth is the best advertisement as well.

5. Network
The only way to grow your business is to network. Networking gets you access to people you would never think of talking to. Attend new networking events, follow online leads, and work open houses. This is especially true for new agents, you have to get your foot in the door.

The key to incorporating referral program into your real estate business comes down to several factors, exceeding expectations, working your CRM, networking and leveraging social media.

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