When searching for a property, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting. Reading the information about a listing may be tricky when it comes to understanding what everything means. A question many people have in particular is about square footage of the property they are interested in. There are three separate numbers on the listing guide that represent a square footage of the property, however, they all pertain to different dimensions. It is vital to understand what each dimension represents as a change or discrepancy in the square footage can mean changes in taxes, unknown additions that were made without permits, or other actions that could affect your decision to purchase the property.

Living square footage is considered as all living area that is completely air-controlled, including space within interior walls, exterior walls, as well as dead space. This space does not include, however, porches, garages, storage spaces, utility spaces, or carports.

Adjusted square footage is an adjusted dimension of the total area of the property. It includes the living area and a portion of the non-living area, as well. It is a hybrid of the total and living area that offers the best overall value. Adjusted area is actually the best dimension to review when comparing properties because it is the value used when the country designates taxes. This is also the number that property appraisers use to determine the value of a property. It is measured from the outside of the property to include patios, carports, covered entries, and garages.

Total square footage is the total area of the property that is under a permanent roof. This number includes porches, garages, storage spaces, utility spaces, carports, etc., and is also considered to be the largest of the three dimensions.

When searching for a home it is important to make sure you are comparing the same type of square footage when looking at different properties. Unfortunately, there are properties that only have adjusted square feet recorded so that will be your biggest tool when comparing spaces. When it comes to new construction homes, however, be attentive because square footage is not recorded until a year after the house has been built. If you are looking for a new construction home be diligent and make sure you have an expert measure the property before you make a decision.

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