The process of buying a home is not nearly as intricate as decorating it. Each year brings new decorative styles, ideas, and trendy pieces to that make us want to reconsider our entire home design. With so many styles to choose from, we’ve broken down a few of 2019’s most popular home design trends!
Sustainability is the first of these trends, meaning clutter has got to go. Instead of filling up empty spaces, many designers argue that less is the way to expand the natural layout of a home. Clutter creates busier energy throughout a home, rather than calmness. Simple pieces can change a room, be it handmade fixtures, paintings, or centerpieces. The point of this trend is to maximize the comfort of the space. Rather than not being able to focus on one thing that grabs your attention, homeowners are maintaining the peace of the room, allowing guests to feel more at home than at a museum.
With the movement towards preserving our environment and keeping the planet green, many trendy homeowners have made it their mission to incorporate natural elements into their home. Stepping away from technologically inclined trends, bringing natural tones and pieces into the home creates a more organic and serene ambiance for all those who enter. Even though this trend has come to pass time and time again, the florals, especially, have come back more refreshed and modernized than ever. Playful colors, scales, and flower patterns bring simplicity to life. Like flowers, feminine tones have also made a comeback due to its modern feel. Many designers are incorporating this new “millennial pink” hue in fabrics, wall coverings, accent pieces, and other creative outlets. Boldly patterned backsplashes and wall colors have gained a large amount of the media’s attention and are quickly becoming popular because of millennials.