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Naullila Soares 305-733-4453
Growing up in Miami has allowed Naullila to explore not just the wonders of the city, but also the people who call it home. In her experience, being personable and friendly goes a long way, especially in this business. She takes pride in her relationships with former clients, employers, and colleagues because business is not about closing a deal; it is about creating a long-lasting partnership. Although her passions are in writing and blogging, Naullila has experience working with customers, as well as social media marketing. Being as young as she is, Nau finds that the world is just a canvas of opportunity that she has yet to explore. Creativity and determination are extremely important, and regardless of how difficult situations or people may be, it takes an entrepreneurial mentality to continue to strive for success and excellence. When she is not working, though, you can find her surrounded by my family and those who bring joy into her life. She thrives when she is knee deep in new experiences and old memories.
Fluent in English and Portuguese.